Honest Pros and Cons of Living in Old Norwood Park and Norwood Park

Honest Pros and Cons of Living in Old Norwood Park and Norwood Park

As one of the 77 community areas in Chicago, Norwood Park was officially annexed to the city in 1893 after primarily serving as farmland for the English, Germans, Polish, and a handful of Scandinavian groups in the early 1830s. The Chicago elite preferred to spend their summers here taking in the beauty of the fields and scenery. Since then, the community has developed into a quiet suburb to the northwest of Chicago and the home of the oldest extant building in the city: the Noble–Seymour–Crippen House, originally constructed in 1833 by English farmer Mark Noble Sr. The property was expanded in 1868 and later acquired status as a Chicago Landmark in 1988, cementing its status as a historic place of interest. Today, the home is open to the public as the Norwood Park Historical Society Museum and community center.

Aside from its historical significance, Norwood Park is also known as a relatively quiet and peaceful community, perfect for starting and raising a family. If you are interested in living in Norwood Park, it’s a great idea to inform yourself about what to expect. This guide presents a series of honest pros and cons of living in Norwood Park to guide your decision.

Pros of living in Norwood Park

For the most part, Norwood Park is perfect for families seeking a peaceful community with an excellent quality of life without eschewing the fun of city neighborhoods.

A friendly atmosphere

Norwood Park is a fun-filled, friendly community with access to outdoor parks, local restaurants, public transportation, and quality schools. As of the 2020 census, it has a moderately-sized population of just under 40,000 – not too crowded, but not too sparse. It’s an ideal location to start and raise a family, knowing your neighbors also prioritize their families above all else.

Quality schools and education

The community is perhaps best known for its excellent public schools, providing exemplary education for your school-aged children as they prepare for their future careers. Top schools in Norwood Park include Norwood Park Elementary School, Hitch Elementary School, William J. Onahan Public School, Saint Eugene School, Immaculate Conception Catholic School, and William Howard Taft High School.

An affluent community

The median household income in Norwood Park is $90,475, comparably higher than the median for the city of Chicago. Norwood Park residents enjoy an excellent quality of life while striving to uphold a comfortable lifestyle in the community.

The nightlife scene

Norwood Park is home to a fair number of pubs and bars offering a comfortable ambiance after a long workweek. Local favorites include Coach’s Bar & Grill, Jet’s Public House, Mystic Rogue Irish Pub and Restaurant, Zias Social, Dino's Pizzeria, and Sapori Napoletani. 

Fun community events

The community has an array of fun events on the roster to liven up the community spirit. The Norwood Park Memorial Day Parade signals the start of summer with floats, a tribute ceremony, and live concerts. The 20-year-running Northwest Side Irish Parade is another must-see. Another vibrant event, the Throwback Music Fest, brings fantastic performances from the 1950s to 1990s to the center stage.

A convenient location overall

Before you make a final decision, there are a handful of other things to take into account when considering a move to Norwood Park. The O’Hare International Airport is roughly five miles away (a quick trip on the blue line), making for convenient long-distance travel, and the traffic is mid-to-heavy depending on the time and day. Along with Chicago, Norwood Park residents enjoy easy access to neighboring cities like Naperville (about 30 miles away) and Milwaukee, which is about 1.5 hours north.

Cons of living in Norwood Park

Compared to other community areas in Chicago, Norwood Park demands a high cost of living and doesn’t enjoy the same conveniences as its easterly neighbors.

High cost of living and housing

Norwood Park has a higher cost of living compared to the other Chicago communities, but this is to be expected given that it also has a much higher standard of living. The median home value for a typical single-family home is around $350,000, although you can find luxury properties above $1 million.

Risk of severe storms and flooding

While the Midwest is exempt from hurricanes and earthquakes, the region is subject to severe thunderstorms and flash floods, especially in the spring and summer. Before you think about moving to a home in the Norwood Park real estate scene, keep in mind that these storms are a force to contend with; wind speeds can reach dangerous levels, capable of uprooting trees and tearing off branches. It’s best to have a garage to keep your vehicle safe during such inclement weather.

Is Norwood Park the right fit for you?

Overall, Norwood Park real estate is perfect for families looking for a quiet community to settle down and enjoy beautiful homes, excellent schools, and gorgeous parks. There’s an incredible amount of history in the community and plenty of activities to enjoy with your family. It’s also reasonably walkable with convenient access to public transportation, which is particularly useful for forays into Chicago whenever you don’t want to commute.

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